OpenLP 2.4

Displays worship lyrics on the big screen suitable for churches
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Displays various slides from the Bible, with images, videos, PowerPoint and even OpenOffice presentations. Customize the database and display slides based on various categories (Songs, Bibles, Presentations, Images, Media, Custom Slides). Implement audio and play it next to your presentations.

Organizing a religious service can be difficult given all the elements involved, such as the hymns to be played and the portions of the Bible that will be read and explained. OpenLP is a program that allows you to select and prepare those elements in advance so you can project them using the church's projector.

On the first use, the program shows a wizard that lets you the language of the interface. This feature is very useful because it lets non-English-speaking people to use the program. Also, you can choose the plugins that you want to use, such as Bible versions, images, audio and video, and so on. You can download public-domain hymns and Bible versions in different languages.

Once you have set the program according to your needs, you can start using it by choosing the hymn(s) to be played during the service. The lyrics will be shown on screen. You can choose a background theme to display from the default images included with the program, or use any image from your personal collection. The same applies with the Scriptures. You only need to choose the book, chapter and verse to be displayed, and select a background image. Then, the people attending the service can follow the reading and sing along the hymns.

If you are a cleric or helper in church services, then this program will be useful for you.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use
  • It is multi-language
  • It can be very useful for clerics


  • Its use ys very specialized
  • The interface looks a little old fashioned
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